I LOVE and enjoy every day of my MeMe and Right Choice Fitness Program! I want to say thank you for helping me in my weight loss journey and staying motivated each day! First thing in the morning, exchanging a message about what I am up to in regard to meeting my goals helps me to get started with beautiful thoughts and the message “You can do this” and many more that makes a big difference! The day I joined this program, I started thinking about the food I eat every day. For the last few weeks, my best experience is my weight is not going up, it’s slowly decreasing! But more than that I see a change in my lifestyle, I prefer making the right choices! Constant motivation and coaching from you to track weight and type of food I ate, water consumption each day makes me accountable and helps me rethink what went wrong and how to fix it. I love your nutrition program- that is very accommodating, you give full freedom to your food choice as per your own taste but always advise better options that help me to start the thing and finally create a new habit. I am so happy I made this decision, and I am very hopeful I will start meeting expectations for the weight loss goal. Thank you so much from bottom of my heart. I highly recommend this MeMe & Right Choice Fitness Program for staying happy, positive, and healthy with a great coach.

Navneet Kaur

I hired Karen as my trainer on zoom around March of 2020 when Covid started. She been my personal trainer for two years. I am 59 years old, and feel in better shape today, than when I was 35, and trained most of my life.
When I entered my 50’s I became tired, lethargic, and unmotivated to work out.  When I met Karen, everything changed for me physically and emotionally. She’s motivated me to start taking care of my health and have better eating habits.
Karen pushes you to your full potential with her happy uplifting attitude. She is professional, always on time, and flexible in times she can meet you. You want to get in shape? Karen is where it is… She’s a life changer.
Thanks Karen!

Cindy Couyoumjian

I met Mimi (Karen) while she was an instructor for a class I was taking at a local gym. I always looked forward to her classes because of her great attitude and frankly her humility!  When the gyms closed during Covid I tried to keep up my workouts on my own. For about 6 months I straggled along but I could see I was beginning to falter.  I just didn’t have the motivation to keep myself regularly engaged in what my body needed.  Three things happened that changed it all for me; first I noticed that I began to make excuses to let myself off the hook for my workouts. Second, I could feel my body getting stiffer and more sore and I wasn’t sleeping that deep sleep I needed. Third, I found out that Mimi was doing one-on-one workouts on Zoom!  I immediately started telling myself I couldn’t afford it, even as I groaned getting out of my chair each morning!!  Finally I had a moment of clarity and saw what my physical life was going to be like in a year or less, gaining momentum on a downhill slide. I started with Mimi and couldn’t believe how out of shape I’d gotten but she was SO PATIENT and encouraging and sensitive to my condition!  My excuses fell away because Mimi isn’t just a trainer, she’s a partner. She listens, coaches, encourages, corrects, is faithfully there, communicates well and is so FUN!! She’s an authentic person who cares that I live my best life.  I’m happy to have her as my partner as I move toward my 66th birthday. I feel like my future has more possibilities because my body feels better so I feel better. Mimi is a blessing. Glad I didn’t talk myself out of this relationship.

Keri Moore

Right Choice Fitness has helped me live my best life for more than ten years and counting. Karen Mizell has kept me focused and on tract to be my best and healthiest self. For example, I started playing competitive Pickle Ball this year at 67. I never could have done this without Karen and Right Choice.

Some of the things we’ve focused on are:

Core strengthening
Improving Balance
Staying Limber
Overall strength and agility

If you don’t love your personal trainer, reach out to Karen and start being the change you want to see!

Sue Kane

I started working with Right Choice Fitness the end of February 2022, weighing 186.5 I am so impressed and amazed working with Ms. Mizell how she helped me lose 17.2 LBS in less than 2 months and still going, I’ve tried in the past to lose and never was able to accomplish what I have accomplished with Right Choice Fitness!

Carolyn / 2022

Three months ago, I was introduced to Right Choice Fitness’ virtual training capabilities.  At first, I was VERY hesitant.  I don’t exercise like I should.  I usually prefer a class so that I can be in the middle or back and go at my own pace.  I certainly wasn’t one of those people that had a personal trainer telling them to crunch or bench press more.

I’m also not so motivated to pick one of the millions of you tube classes and start exercising.  I’ll always choose Netflix.  I need a person directing the exercise – LIVE; BUT the thought of a 1 on 1 class, didn’t sound appealing either.  Well, I was wrong.

Right Choice Fitness offered a free demo personal trainer class through Zoom. I was hooked.  You see, I forgot about the “personal” part in trainer.  It was absolutely catered towards my ability, while “gently” pushing me to achieve goals.  I’ve been training weekly with Right Choice Fitness for over 90 days, and I’ve really appreciated it. 

Here’s the best part for me!  I’m a single mom with a 7 and 5 year old.  Getting out to exercise is impossible.  Even those gyms that have childcare don’t usually work.  By the time I pick the kids up from school, we barely have enough time for homework and dinner.  Right Choice Fitness works with my schedule.  For me an early morning workout, where I finish as the kids are waking up is ideal.  Right Choice Fitness is also flexible with timely notice from me to change my schedule if I need to.

I’m so grateful for Right Choice Fitness.  It provides a great workout, right here in my living room!  Priceless!

Carol Nealy

For the several years, I had steadily gained weight which affected my overall health, energy, and confidence. I tried many things, but the bottom line was my mind wasn’t ready to change the way I looked at food, the way I looked at my eating habits, or the way I addressed my issues with self-control and discipline…. until about 3 years ago.

That’s when I employed the help of my mother, Karen Mizell, nutritionist, personal trainer, and founder of Right Choice Fitness. Although she had been trying to help me all along, she patiently waited for me to be ready while giving me little tidbits of info along the way as only a mother can. She has cheered me on, encouraged me, taught me, and helped me to give myself grace. But most of all by the way she approaches her own personal journey and how she has changed the lives of so many of her clients through health and fitness, she has inspired me. Because of her, I have been able to keep most of the weight off for years now and when I find myself fluctuating, I know just what to do because of what she has taught me! 

Bettina, 36

One of the best decisions I made was to invest in the health and well being of my mother in addition to my own. During this COVID 19 pandemic, I knew I needed to do something that would be beneficial to my mind, body and spirit. During this shelter in place directive, neither my mother nor I, were as active as we had been previously. I was interested in hiring a fitness expert who had years of experience. I contacted Karen at Right Choice Fitness and she customized an excellent workout program for each of us. On my training days with her, she leads Tabata exercises, which are incredible, as well as strength training – plus she always figures out a way to get some dance moves in because she knows how much I love dancing. My 76 year old mother’s personal training is focused on building muscle strength and on developing her equilibrium through chair exercises. I have been so pleased with the results. I am more enthusiastic than I have been about working out in some time and I really see the results. My mother, overall, has more energy and she truly looks forward to her online class with Karen. Much of that is attributed to Karen’s level of care for her as well as possessing a truly amazing personality.

Michelle and Mom Janet

Wow, what a difference…

What a difference Karen’s bootcamp classes have made in my life! Yesterday, I ran into my “usual” store and picked up 2 pairs of pants — size 14 — I’ve worn for the last couple of years. In a rush the next morning, I put a pair on, expecting to rush out the door. The pants were just too big! In my Waist!! I needed to go down 2 sizes!!!”

Carol N. / Mission Viejo

I am writing you to express my sincere gratitude for all that you have done for me. You have literally changed my life. When I came to you…I felt like I was giving up on life. I was weak, off balance, depressed and extremely overweight. Today I am virtually a happier person, 50 pounds lighter and feel great. You are my hero and I have and would always recommend you to anyone. You not only have a fantastic ability as a nutritionist, but a wonderful caring attitude which radiates and gives others hope.
Over the years, I have read self-help and nutrition books on health and fitness and have tried many eating and exercise programs with some limited benefit, but have never been able to put it all together and fully realize my health and fitness goals. I would highly recommend working with Mimi’s program. She teaches you self-control, good eating habits and is there with you every step of the way!! She stresses the importance of holding yourself accountable for what you are doing to your own well-being. With her patience and guidance, I learned to share my struggles and open my eyes to what I needed in my life to be healthy and happy. It will be an investment in your future that you will benefit from for the rest of your life!
It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial letter…. I weighed over 200 pounds when I started with Mimi. Today I stay within 160 to 150 pounds. I still fall back into bad habits from time to time, then I regain composure with the knowledge I gained with Mimi’s program. I am a stress eater and have struggled with the loss of a loved-one and the tensions and sadness of watching another loved-one with addiction – all since meeting Mimi. With her support, I have better health habits which have helped with my weight stability, stress and depression. I frequently get compliments on my new thinner shape, and I credit Mimi. I wholeheartedly recommend Mimi’s program for life-long results!
Thank you again for helping me learn how to make healthy choices!!!!!!

Martha Otto “Mo”